Why I chose to run for Commissioner in 2020

      Many years ago, I actively chose Benton County to live in because I felt it to be the best place for me to raise a family.  Believing everyone should contribute to their community, I’ve been active in volunteer work here, but, given my education and experience, I believe I could be much more effective joining the other two Commissioners in their collaboration, teamwork, and civility that best serve our community. 

      While our lives have been seriously disrupted by Covid-19, it will pass, hopefully at minimal human cost, but other risks exist, as well as residents and businesses recovering from the lock-down.  As I’ve brought up during meetings even before this virus became a thing, we should be better prepared to weather these risks.  While I promote and support all elements in Benton County’s 2040 Thriving Communities Initiative, my first focus will be on Community Resilience, ensuring communities and individuals are prepared to respond to and recover from natural and human caused disasters, threats and changes.

      Another recent issue is the riots, vandalism and looting that have seriously affected major cities throughout the U.S.  A primary role of government is protecting its citizens from these and other crimes.  I fully support law enforcement, the thin blue line between us and anarchy, believing it should focus on preventing all criminal behavior in our community. 

      People may disagree on these and other issues.  I'm willing to take the time to listen to advice and carefully consider what others believe.

      I hope you will check out this website to see that my life experience and my prior employment make me well-qualified to hold this office.