The following people have formally endorsed John for Benton County Commissioner by signing a BC400 form.

---Mike Nearman, State Representative, District 23

---Shelly Boshart Davis, State Representative, District 15

---Betsy Close, past State Senator, District 8

---Dale L Collins, past Mayor, Philomath

---Julia Wegner, Chair of Benton County Republicans

---Benton County Republican Central Committee

Many others have expressed their support, and some have been willing to provide testimonials, which follow.

Other Types of Endorsements

Bill Becker in a Gazette-Times Letter to the Editor (Sept. 16, 2020)

Video Testimonials

Friends and family are supporting John in his campaign for County Commissioner.   Other videos are welcome  for posting here. "Have camera, will travel."

John with neighbors, Ned and Betsy Richardson,

catching up with them at the end of their daily dog(s) walk.

John's mother-in-law, Rosalie Reber, expressing her support (video supplied by John's step-daughter, Julia Saunders).

John with his neighbor, Jim Griffin, recommending him next to his Support Law Enforcement sign, now accompanied by John's campaign sign behind them.