Benton County


Position 3

John E Sarna

Occupational Background: Senior and Associate Civil Engineer with the California Department of Water Resources and State Water Resources Control Board (1985-2011); Systems Engineer with Motorola (1979-83); and Combat Infantryman with the U.S. Army in Viet Nam (1969-70)

Educational Background: Doctor of Environmental Science and Engineering (UCLA, 1990), MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering (University of Massachusetts, 1979), BS (University of Illinois, 1974); currently taking classes at LBCC and OSU

Prior Governmental Experience: Benton County Environmental Issues Advisory Committee and what’s listed under Occupational Background

Volunteer Experience: Republic Service’s Master Recycler Program, Philomath Lyons Club, Mary’s River Grange, former Sierra Club Outings Leader and Conservation Chair, and Sheriff’s Community Emergency Response Team.


Endorsements: Mike Nearman, State Representative, Dist. 23, Shelly Boshart Davis, State Representative, House District 15; Senator Betsy L. Close, Oregon District 8, Benton County Republican Central Committee, and Dale L. Collins, past Mayor, Philomath.


Family: My wife, April, is a veterinarian and our four children attended schools here.  We love it here like nowhere else.


Relevant Skills: community outreach, supervision of professionals, public agency budget management, and multiparty negotiations


As your Commissioner, I would:

  • Promote public discussion of divisive issues, take the time necessary to consider all viewpoints and obtain feedback before making decisions based on healthy, cohesive, working relationships across party lines.

  • Support law enforcement in enforcing the rule-of-law fully and uniformly. Crime prevention with compassion is the basis of civilized society.The sheriff and police should be respected and fully funded.

  • Prioritize disaster planning and relief, whether it’s fire, flood, drought, rioting, or a pandemic.We must be better prepared for the next challenge, addressing it effectively while preserving our economy and educating our youth.

  • Full disclosure and open doors to all public sector decisions, especially those involving expenditures.