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COVID-19 Pandemic

While I support following the instructions from government officials at this time, because remedial actions taken during emergencies shouldn’t be second-guessed, I do have some serious concerns with the lock-down and how it’s covered in the media.

When there’s a 50-times greater chance of dying from some other cause, as there is in Oregon, COVID-19 and the lock-down shouldn’t so dominate the media. The unfortunate result is anxiety in many individuals. The upshot, living in fear, is both unhealthy and takes time away from enjoying life.

Besides, there are a whole range of alternative options, besides the current rigid, lock-down approach, many of which would avoid incidental deaths, such as increased suicides and fatal car accidents, besides the loss of freedom and jobs. Other options could minimize the overall loss of life and still increase our freedom during this pandemic without compromising our economy.

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