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       Education that Qualifies Me for this Office

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     EDUCATION- My doctorate (D.Env.), “emphasized interactions between science, engineering, public policy, economics, and law in the protection of the environment & public health.”  This was especially useful in the negotiations described under my Work Experience.  My overall education, however, didn’t begin there or end there.  While starting out in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), my interests broadened to other fields.  For example, as a non-degree major at LBCC and OSU, I’ve taken courses in, Ceramics, Climate Change in the Pacific Northwest, Environmental History of the U.S., Nuclear Proliferation and Arms Control, Natural Resources Problems and Solutions, Natural Resources Policy and Law, and World History: Ancient Civilizations.

          Degrees and other distinctions

---Expert Marksman (U.S. Army, 1969)

---BS (University of Illinois, 1974)

---MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering (University of Massachusetts, 1979)

---Special Access Security Clearance (1981)

---Doctor of Environmental Science and Engineering (UCLA, 1990)

---Licensed as a Professional (Civil) Engineer (1991 in California and 2013 in Hawaii)

---Best of Class in Ceramics at the Benton County Fair (2019)

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