Divisiveness in Politics

We all know how divisive politics has become. Most of us also know this is bad for the country, besides being difficult to digest when the slant gets so obvious.  Mainstream media plays a role by promoting a particular narrative and avoiding opposing context, though usually, but not always, getting the facts correct.  Social media plays a different role, with some sites being, more or less, echo chambers.  The combativeness seems to be getting worse, especially with the upcoming election.  While I wait it out and hope cooler heads prevail, this is what I would do as Commissioner:


Promote civil discourse

---Avoid the liberal vs conservative, or Democrat vs Republican labels on issues during public debate

---Promote meetings where differing viewpoints are not only heard but respected

---Identify underlying concerns and try to develop win-win solutions

I welcome any other thoughts on how to better address this problematic issue, because two great leaders have stated the same adverse consequences:

---“a house divided against itself cannot stand” (President Lincoln)

---“if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand” (Jesus Christ)