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2021 Candidate: John Sarna

      Why you should vote for me 


     I strongly believe that community colleges are a foundational piece of our higher education system.  They are the rock on which many build a solid career and provide continued learning opportunities for people all ages and life-experience.  Having attended four such institutions, including LBCC for the past several years, I can attest to their benefits for life-long learning.  LBCC also provided a most positive experience for my son John to transfer with a scholarship to OIT and allowed all my kids the opportunity to obtain LBCC credits while in high school.  I ask you allow me to use the experience I have gained through higher education to help benefit future students. 


​                                 If elected, I will work to:

- Bring back in-person classes in a post-COVID safe environment.

- Make LBCC inclusive and accessible to everyone, providing         prerequisites that allow each student to be successful.

- Ensure LBCC classes are transferable to OSU and other 4-year colleges

- Expand and improve career technical education programs.

- Promote continuing education and other extended learning classes.

- Provide outreach to rural communities, with on-line access where       attendance is infeasible.

- Maintain high school partnership programs, improving outreach and   providing seniors with no-cost access to college level classes.

- Keep tuition low and LBCC financially solvent while growing to serve t   this vibrant community.

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