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2020 Republican Candidate: John Sarna

Reflections on the 2020 Election Results

     Benton County has certified the Nov. 3 election results, and, unfortunately, this blue County remains blue with a few points of light in the State legislature races.  The County just published the official results with 53,235 votes cast out of 60,543 registered voters (88% turnout).  Generally, the County voted about 1/3 Republican and 2/3 Democrat.  If you’d like details on any past elections, including this one, they’re at

      I’d like to thank everyone who helped with my campaign.  I couldn’t have gotten very far without your support, and I’m proud Republicans here campaigned legitimately, openly, and honestly.  Contrast that to Trump signs being stolen off lawns practically on a daily basis.   In any case, with twice as many registered Democrats as Republicans, it was an uphill battle from the start, and, for the time being, it seems like the Corvallis Democrat Machine remains an immovable object.

     However, the results from the rest of the country give me hope.  Also, our State government still can’t impose ridiculously harsh legislation without a Republican walkout stopping them. There’s a good chance (by winning either of two seats in Georgia) that the U.S. Senate will maintain a Republican majority, which would reduce opportunities for progressive extremism in a Biden/Harris Administration.  It’s obvious the mainstream media’s 4-year onslaught on Trump/Pence couldn’t change the minds of half the people in the USA. Last but not least, we now have a U.S. Supreme Court that protects the Constitution and our civil rights.

     Meanwhile, I wait for the time when the majority of voters here see the awful results of the progressives and their socialist policies. When that comes to pass, and I sincerely believe that will, I trust Republicans can help restore good governance.  Here’s what I’d like to do to help that along.

-  Force government to vigorously prosecute all cases of election fraud and prevent election interference, ensuring all legal votes are counted and all illegal votes rejected.

-  Support rallies, like where we “support the police,” which resonate with most people’s values.

-  Promote conservative values at public meetings, where liberals and progressives usually outnumber us. 

-  Call out the mainstream media when they print lies of omission, minimization, exaggeration, not-providing-context, and, especially, fabricating their false narratives.

-  Bypass social media’s silencing of conservatives and marginalization of conservative opinions and supporting information -- see The Creepy Line on YouTube.

Are you registered to vote?

     You may check your voter registration status and ballot status at the Secretary of State's Elections website at

     You may also contact the Elections Office directly at 541-766-6756 or send an e-mail to